About Me

I have been involved in this work for well over twenty years now.

I have been a qualified counsellor for about 26 years and am a senior accredited counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

I have spent 8 years as a part-time lecturer in counselling, including training other counsellors, up to and including diploma level.  I also work as a counselling supervisor. I have a Masters in Psycho/Social Studies.

I started off my working life in the biological sciences, and became interested in the field of psychotherapy later, after I had experienced some marital counselling personally. I found this very helpful, as it seemed to make so much sense of my life experience. This led eventually to my own training in individual counselling. 

Training and Experience

I started off my counselling work at an agency for young people, and received a person-centred* and skills-based training there. I later completed a psychodynamic** training, working with adult clients, which finished in 1991. Since then I have attended upwards of 60 workshops/lectures/seminars on a wide variety of counselling topics. These include adoption, brief work, suicide, adolescent brain development, fear, transgenerational transmission of trauma ...and so on.  

Way of working

I am experienced in short-term, longer-term and more intensive work. Over the years I have developed an integrative style of working using a range of ideas from various counselling orientations, and I try to work with each client in a way which is appropriate for them.

* Person Centred Counselling works on the principal that if the counsellor can provide core conditions of empathy, genuineness, and non-judgemental listening and responding, the client will gradually find their own way.

* * Psychodynamic thinking includes important ideas about how our early experience becomes embedded in our thinking and feeling and may cause difficulties in later life.